Solar Night School Project

A brighter future for rural education in South India

The solar night school project was innitiated by AEP to combine the need of rural villages in India with the willingness from developed countries to donate solar lighting systems for educational purpose.

The foundation stone for this project was laid after AEP received a request from a German charge controller manufacturer to allocate a beneficiary in AEP‘s neigborhood for the donation of a solar lighting system. This request came around Christmas time and was meant to replace the ususal gadgets and gifts which are exchanged in this season between business partners. Because of the overwhelmingly positiv response for the project implementation, AEP decided to offer its services and expertise to facilitate further donations from inside and outside India for the benefit of night school education in rural India.

Objectives of this project

  • Offer affordable solar electricity to community groups for local development purposes.
  • Improve the education and increase the income of villagers, particularly women.
  • Create an opportunity for westerners to learn first hand about practical applications of solar electricity.
  • Enable foreigners to see South India in a more involved and realistic level than tourism allows.

Project Implementation

AEP works with Auroville‘s Village Action Group which is active at the village level to ensure that appropriate communities are selected and that a good communication network is maintained before, during and after the installations.

Solar Night Schol Project works through volunteers from various parts of the 'developed' world who wish to contribute in a practical way to the rural people of India, whilst learning new skills themselves. Each project participant donates funds to cover a solar electricity system and spends 10 days in India installing the system themselves.

Training and Technical Assistance

AEP technicians will train the villagers on the functioning and basic maintenance of their system at the time of installation. For 2 years thereafter if there is a problem with the systems which the villagers cannot repair, the parts can be returned to AEP to be repaired or replaced free of charge. After 2 years a nominal fee is charged for this service. There is a 10 year guarantee on the panels – the most expensive part.

Information for Donors

Auroville Energy Products is actively seeking donors to support the solar night school project. Donations of any amount are welcomed. As beeing a unit under the Auroville Foundation, tax exempted donations from India as well as from abroad are possible.

Systems funded through donors may be installed either by international volunteers or by local technicians. This page provides information on program implementation and project finances. Please contact AEP for current details of proposed installation sites.

Financial outline

Solar system with up to 4 lights          400,- US $

Accomodation AV incl. food and transport (scooter)          15,- US $ / day

Report and publication

A final report for each an every system will be provided with a publication on the project web page

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