The Company's expertise lies in various renewable energy technologies – solar thermal, micro hydro, wind power, as well as energy efficiency with solar photovoltaic as mean area of expertise. The renewable energy project experience spans across the Asian, African and Oceania regions and covers the entire spectrum of activities which include:

  • Project implementation
    • Solar system design and design verification
    • Installation and commissioning
    • System performance evaluation
  • Value chain of solar energy systems
    • Sourcing and supply of solar energy components
    • Manufacturing and assembling of components
    • Sales, Product promotion and liaison services
  • Capacity Building
    • Training on awareness
    • Training on skills and technology transfer
    • internships

In addition to the above, AEP also has the expertise to provide clients with comprehensive renewable energy solutions that address capacity building and information dissemination needs of specific projects. AEP is also involved in renewable energy product development and testing, primarily for applications in the transportation sector.

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